Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Restrictive Diet May Reduce ADHD Symptoms"

While researching and talking to doctor, therapists, and everyone I can think of about eliminating these foods from our diet many people talk about the lack of research.  I have heard about the lack of research, about the lack of good research, that it is not scientific, this is not a panacea, and countless other comments.  A few people have asked me to send them something if I find it useful or interesting.  While the doctors and therapists seem willing to tolerate your trial, they don't seem to support or encourage it either.

Well there is new hope at our house...

While at work I ran accross this article.

The irony of it all - or divine intervention I prefer.  Saturday we watched the movie "Food Matter"; another of those food documentaries that talk all about how bad we are eating and what it is doing to us.  My husband acknowledge again, yes we do need to eat better, I'm trying he stated.  We talked about the plan of what we could do - you know that plan to plan stage.  Well, I came into work on Monday and there was this article so I shared it with my sweet husband.  He and I met and over lunch we agreed that this is something that we could do.  Finally!  We are here again, he is really, really willing to go with this full all the way.  He is going to be supportive!  I am totally psyched!!!!

He went on to tell me all about how he has been giving the children some fruit and other good things for breakfast and not doughnuts.  He has been getting them up and taking them to school for awhile since I head out to work before everyone is up.

We talked about making this a realistic goal, and maybe modeling our elimination on what was done in the study.  The new study showed that a large portion (78%) of the children that participated in the study had improvement in their behavior "reduced symptoms"- isn't that what we are looking for?  When these problematic foods were reintroduced to these children their symptoms came back - Wallah!  Really?  What a great study, lets bring on more!

Next things to do...
1. Decide what to do about the food we have now?  Processed - garbage?  Cream soups - save?  My list will go on and on.  I have decided this time not to let this get in the way of planning for the next step.  I can always just move the items to a separate shelf and know that we can deal with them later.
2. Create our meal plan - real simple, like really, really simple.  Meat or protein, vegetable, vegetable, rice, pears, water - for our first week.
3.  Find things for lunches.  What will our children eat for lunch, ideas about things that are easy and nutritious and appealing to children.
4.  Resign myself to move slowly - and not be mean to my sweet hubby :)

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