Monday, January 31, 2011

Go, Dog. Go!

I recently started an email with these words...

"Well Hello Again!  
I love that saying from my favorite book as a child "Go, Dog. Go!"  As a teenager I read that to my little sister and loved it still.  As an adult I read it to my children and appreciated it more.  It appears strange to others but to me - it is a great example of american literature at it's best for children; simple concepts, repetition, and an engaging story for adults."

This book spun an afternoon obsession
So I start to ponder this...
Why did I type those words?  Why did I start my email that way?  Why did I feel the need to then explain the thoughts that were running in my head?  Why did this little sentence send me back to my childhood and make me think about a children's book?  Who really knows?

Deeply I begin to wonder, what does it make me think about?  Is it the book or something more?

Well Hello Again - what do you think of?  Anything?  What does that make other people think about?  

We might say these words when we meet someone we have not seen in a long time, or meeting a person that we just saw moments ago.  It might be an idea of going back to an object - "Well hello again, you brownies you".  So by now I'm onto food...  This email was to a person that I had talked to earlier in the day and oddly enough I talked to her about food, and GFCF, and sensitivities / allergies that we have in our body.  See a trend here?

I really think that everything happens for a reason and the accidental email and meeting that I had with this woman today may lead to a real nice friendship and working relationship.  I digress... Like always :)

So - Well Hello Again - has brought me to think about our diet trend and trying even harder to work at eliminating more items from our diet.  I want to make a real effort to organize this weekend.  To sit down with Dad and work out a schedule that we both can share.  Plan the meals and do some prep work for those nights that will be ever so hard to get a dinner made and served in 45 minutes.  I want to work harder be think more 

Well Hello Again - Conscious eating!  Here we are ready to see you, hear you, and be with you!

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  1. Hi!

    I’m Sam from The Mom and Dad Reviews. I see that you’re from Omaha. I’m looking to get a group together of Omaha bloggers to meet once a month to chat and have some coffee! I’m looking for our first date to be near the end of Feb. I thought Panera Bread next to Oakview Mall would be a nice place for our first meeting.

    If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please shoot me an email at:
    TheGiveawayQueen at hotmail dot com

    Hope to hear from you soon!