Monday, January 17, 2011

Could she be?

Could my cousin be the most beautiful bride ever?  I'm thinking so - her personality and vibrancy just shine threw everything that she does!  I was so delighted to head to Detroit for her wedding on Dec 30th.  (Sad thoughts about not making it to the last cousins wedding :( Love you Becky!)  I wish that I had some of the totally awesome pics to post, but don't think I have that right to here is a link to the photographers blog - amazingly sweet woman I might add!

So, Sorry to all the other beautiful brides that have blessed  me by inviting me to help celebrate their joyous union.  Also, sorry that this started off with no food comments - but hey, it's the middle of January and I am still thinking about the wedding and the new relationship journey that my cousin has begun with an amazing person.  She is really so deserving of a wonderful husband and amazing marriage, she waited so long for everything to fall into place.  Love you Amy!  Thanks again for letting our little brood come and celebrate with you!

Onto the food...
We ate everything, had awful behavior, and probably irritated half the people we were around.

We had all been sick around Christmas, and if it wasn't for a great family we would have missed Christmas dinner as well.  My parents said, take a little extra ibuprofen and come over.  So we had a great holiday and then spent Sunday packing, and cleaning, and packing, and cleaning.  We left Omaha around 6AM!  We made it through winter roads to Detroit around 5:30ish local time.  I think we did pretty good.  Thankfully my cousin (brides sister) was delighted to have us that night.

All the travel and quickness of the trip mixed with our pennies meant that we ate fast food several times.  It was not the highlight of my mommy-ness but what can I say.  We really didn't watch what we ate, we had a great time, and were totally out of control most of the time.

Thinking about it -- we really should get back to reality, we have been home for two weeks now.

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