Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here we go again!

The past two weeks have been an ongoing discussion.  I have been talking to my 17 year old daughter and husband about why we want to go back to this full force.  We have gone through our cupboards again and seen that we have really been buying less processed foods, well trying.  They have purchased some frozen pizzas, mac'n'cheese, and waffles to make summer meals easier while I'm at work.

While mom has been on strike, trying to get everyone else to pick-up a little clue about how much she does, dad has been doing almost all of the buying groceries and cooking.  That is about to end... Mom is dropping her sign and heading in to do all the work again.  I have decided that if I want to follow this diet it has to be me that is planning the meals, buying, and cooking all the food.  Well... almost all of it anyway.  Our oldest has run her first errand to the store to get ingredients - YEAH!  I'm so liking this!!!!

I love this time of year!  We have been eating a lot of fresh fruit, melons, berries, and plums – YUM!!
We have tried a few new recipes.  As you know some things turn out well while others are edible at best.  I have a new all time favorite pancake recipe, so delicious and gluten free!  I shall post the recipe soon.
I have been trying new drinks and a few new ways of preparing foods.  Also, we are trying to come up with quick preparations to make travel easier.

The biggest thought at the moment is how to follow a special diet and not leave the children, and us, out of the joint family fun.  It seems like several times a week we are with family or friends.  How do we get them to understand that this is a serious thing and just some foo foo idea?  How do I show them it can work if we don’t stick to it?  But how do we stick to it and not be secluded, not go to dinner with everyone else?  When I find the answer I will call the news!

Reading about others problems, ideas, and solutions really has helped.  I know that we can be strong enough to follow a strict diet.  I also am confident that we could see results.  With our youngest, almost 6, starting a new medication it might be tough to see what is the reason for a change… but one set at a time!