Sunday, June 27, 2010

We're Back!! Eating a bit better - Still lots of work!

We have been adjusting to life in general.  Trying hard to eliminate foods that are bad for you and finding foods that are better for you.  Hard, Hard, HARD!!!!  You would think this should be easy… to just eat better, but it is very hard!

Will, our youngest, has been working with a Developmental Pediatrician and all of us with a new Psychologist.  We are looking to medicating our third child for ADHD symptoms.  Although I am not thrilled with the idea I am proceeding to try this as well.  This makes me want to work on the diet more than ever.  I really would like to find a better way to help them instead of medication.

A note on movies:  Dad has watched Food Inc, Food Nation with Jaime Oliver, and a couple others.  He really talks about the quality of our food here in the US.  I don’t fully understand why he will stop at a fast food joint, i.e. McDonalds or Taco Bell.  He has been doing a lot better with reading labels and buying some better foods.  Processed foods are still very convenient.  At least he is thinking and talking to others…

We are trying to marry the best of healthier food, real food, and budget consciousness.  We have found that Costco has pretty good meat and they grind their own hamburger.  While asking all the meat departments we learned that all most all the grocery stores here in Omaha have big huge tubes of hamburger sent to them from the meat packing plants.  I was very embarrassed, but I guess that’s the only way that you learn.  It’s funny how the people in the food industry really believe that the food that is available is good for you.  That would be another story for a different day.

Costco has become my husband’s new store.  While I’m at work he stops in and gets fresh fruits and veggies, which are almost entirely labeled organic.  We have been eating fresh fruits and veggies with our meals; when we eat at home.

I have been trying several different recipes out.  I think I have found some great replacements for our old favorites.  I'm not sure about how copy rights work - Can I post the recipe?  As long as I post the source?

My goal this week – clean out the cupboards again.  The kids have one more week of summer school and then home for a month before school starts again.  What a perfect time to jump in full force.  Also, convince my husband that it is a good idea to switch our eating.