Friday, February 25, 2011

Coconut Ghee & Green Pasture

I was very excited last week to see a giveaway at Real Food Whole Health.  You, anyone who would like, may have a chance to win a gallon size container of Coconut Ghee!  I thought to myself as I read their descriptions “what a fabulous product”.  I think I should enter.  My perfectionist / ever researcher brain said “You should try to find it on the web, it might be easy to get, find out more information”.

So I did --- I was Amazed at what I found!

This product is manufactured by a small family owned business / farmer right in my own state!!!  Just around 3 and a half hours away, near where my father was born!
I was totally inspired by what I read on their website.  Green Pasture, was formed by a husband and wife near O’Neill, Nebraska.  They “provide high-quality sacred-food oils just as they were made prior to the industrialized food and farming revolution”.  Just what we are looking for!

It really started to make my mind wonder… old habit I know.

It hit me that they are making things the old way in an area that my family comes from.  My father is from rural Nebraska only a short drive from this farm.  Certainly some of the same resources were available to his grandparents. 

This is food made the old way…  Food that my Dad’s grandmother, Grandma Rose, made (the woman the whole family talks of so lovingly).  No one can make the recipes like she did.  Sometimes I wonder about her recipes and why they don’t taste to the grandkids like they remember.  Is it that the ingredients really are not the same as what she used?  I’m sure processing has changed them in ways that affect the texture and taste.

I continued to think some more.  This farm is making things that my mother’s grandmother and mother would have used.  Things like cod liver oil, high vitamin butter oil and some newer things as well.

I am really excited to share my newest discovery and I enter to win my gallon.  Will you?

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