Monday, February 14, 2011

Social Eating - Gluten Free, Casien Free, Artificial Free

As usual we had a jam packed weekend. This weekend more so than our previous ones made me take a step back and think. Maybe because I am trying to pull together a plan of attack for our “Full Force Ahead” approach, I noticed some big changes that we are going to face. Also, I noticed some reason that might have contributed to why it was so hard for us the first time. Why we have only been able to dabble in this for the past year and a half.

My Lovely Daughter and Mother
Friday and most of Saturday we spent at the Metro Omaha Swim Team completion. Our oldest daughter was competing for her senior year. Her last year swimming has been a big deal for her and us. I planned a head a small bit and took some snacks, drink, and some fruit for our youngest son, who came with on Saturday. After each meet we have gone out to eat with the team (or a small group). Thought one… We won’t be able to do this – or won’t be able to order much.

Thought two… We go out to eat way too much; a few times a week. This weekend we ate out Friday night, Saturday lunch and night, Sunday morning at my parents, and Sunday night at a friend’s house. We will be stopping this, both hubby and I feel that to be a good thing. Not only will we be eating healthier, controlling what is in the food, but it will also save us some money. That saved money will intern give us more to spend on that better food – that is more expensive. Why?!? Why does the food that is better for you have to cost more! Separate blog…

Thought three… Food is a big deal! Food is a really BIG Deal!! Really, Really!!!

When we (our culture and family) gather together we always have food around. Having a food allergy makes this difficult for many people. We have always been sensitive to our friends that have allergies to nuts, milk, and soy. A true allergy / diagnosis is different from a sensitivity or desire to eat better. You actually have a doctor telling you to avoid this, a possibility of hospitalization if you come in contact with the offending food.
We don’t have this – for any number of reasons… This makes it harder to tell family and friends that we have to restrict what we are eating. It makes it harder for us to dictate to family and friends at all these gathering that we cannot share in their foods. This makes it harder for us to go out, or to a friend’s house, for dinner with people we want to spend time with.

Thought Four... We will have to have to either host the dinners, making them something that we can eat, or bring food. Bringing the whole main dish and a few sides, a mobile picnic of sorts, seems like so much work. I am terribly nervous about this one.

Thought Five… Date night… Should we the parents be restrictive on what we eat when we are out? Well of course we want to eat food that is better for us to, but a great dinner out is so nice and so relaxing… but, geez, where do the children get their sensitivities form? I wonder… So, how do we have a nice romantic dinner out with this new diet? I see some research ahead.

I start this week contemplating these things, finding new alternatives for our eating out fun, and thanking God for these realizations.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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