Monday, November 2, 2009

Feeling Defeated

Well after our weekend of fun… we have spent the last week and a half not following our eating guidelines diligently. We have had Pizza twice, Chinese, Wendy’s, Burger King, and another place or to. Geese! But they all tasted sooooo good! Once you have goofed up a little bit does it matter if you do it again?  Then again, and again, and… Now we are back to square one. Our first month and we didn’t even finish it out.

Dad is fed up with having to find and make special foods, and he is not seeing enough of a difference. I understand his frustration. I truly do, and I also know that it takes a long time to possibly see a difference. I had begun to worry when we would see that difference. Or maybe it would be gradual and one day we just realize things had changed? Now that these children have had regular preservative and additive laden food I think I see a difference. There seems to be more sibling fighting, more upset tears, more of our youngest blow-ups and frustrations. I may be seeing more into this but I really do think that it was beginning to make a difference.

I console myself by stating that Halloween is this weekend and we decided the kids had to be able to trick-or-treat. They were going to make a deal with us and get only some of their candy (more later). They are going to be eating candy and treats so a few more days off then we will start again. But this is October, next month is November with Thanksgiving and then we have Christmas. UGHHH!!!! I think we just picked a very hard time to start thinking about this diet. It is a hard time to find replacements and make adjustments for us and those around us. How can we convince our families that we need to keep up this special way of eating if they cannot see a difference.

My husband wants to stop the diet. In fact he bought regular bread and groceries last night at the store. I was at the Dr’s (GP) office today and brought it up with him. He said that he didn’t know if it would make a difference but try it and see. He also said something to the effect of… You never know some things that we didn’t think were big nor had an impact in the past are now turning out to be big. Diets can have a large impact. But he did bring up that no one in our family has been diagnosed with Celiac Disease so he didn’t think it would be his first choice of action. And he said to make sure they stayed on a good multivitamin.

We are all taking a good multivitamin with no artificial ingredients or additives. The kids also take an Omega 3 supplement and a Calcium & Vitamin D supplement. So maybe we have a good start to this and we will take some time off. As much as I hate to think of it, maybe we are going to have to only be half on the diet till after Christmas.  No results will be seen soon!

So I sign of today… Frustrated, disappointed, and deliberating.


  1. Sorry about two posts in one night. I got on to post about Halloween and I never finished these last two posts. Silly me! I guess that's what you get for posting in frustration!
    Happy reading!

  2. Hi Tammy!
    I saw you are a follower of my blog,

    Please don't give up. I know it's hard and it's ok to cry some days...even when preparing dinner!

    Can I suggest picking just one of the allergants you are trying to cut out and taking that out of your diet? I would suggest milk, however I see you are also doing soy. But, there are a ton of Rice based products like Rice Milk and Rice based frozen desserts in most large, chain supermarkets. On packaged foods look for the symbol OU symbol (a U with a circle around it), unless it says "Dairy" or next to it, that means there is no dairy products in it. There are so many products with this symbol.

    I had been doing dairy, egg, nut, etc. free for over 2 years before I had to tackle the gluten free thing. I think that is much harder than the other allergants.

    Good Luck!