Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Food Pyramid

Did you hear?  They have revamped the food pyramid again...

The first food pyramid was designed by the US Department of Agriculture in 1992, then it was updated in 2005 to a stair step type diagram.  Apparently to many people thought this design was confusing and the eating recommendations diagram have been redesigned again.

This time into the shape of a plate.  This is a great visual aid to see clearly how much of your plate should be devoted to each food group.  Grains play a large part, as well as vegetables and fruits.  It does not focus on portion size or control though, maybe they are saving that for the next revision...

The New Plate Diagram from the USDA

ChooseMyPlate.gov is a great resource with a lot of information.  It includes, food groups, tip and resources, games and activities for children, and a lot of general information.

Yes - I know this is a government organization.  Yes - I know this is not a great solution for eating healthy.  Yes - I know, I know, I know... But I do like to see something being done that is a pretty good representation - too bad they had to spend $2 million getting there!

History Trivia - Do you know where the original food pyramid came from?  Sweden!  That's right it is another example that strikes down the theory that the US is the best and leading the way in research and recommendations.  Also the Swede's came up with a plate diagram, oh... about 19 years ago!!!

The Swedish plate model has three portions cut like pie pieces, two big and one smaller.  Click here to see the Swedish plate model with a brief description of how to use it.  I like their version / recommendations the best and think that it gives a great discussion of how to change the portions of each type of food, why you would want more of one type than another and so on.

From Sweden's National food Administration

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