Sunday, November 7, 2010

ADHD Diet - My First Reading

While doing my initial research on the GFCF diet, I came across information on one mother's journey.  I emailed her, and she emailed me back, we exchanged a few of these and then I was at Borders and saw the book that she talked about... I had no idea who I was communicating with.  I bought the book and spent the next week or so devouring it.  I flagged pages, made notes, and talked with my husband about the information in the book.  I show my nerdy-ness with the blow picture of my book...

I tabbed these pages and still use the tabs to find information that I need.  Barrie is a great resource, beyond this book she has a website with a wealth of information.  I recommend that you check it out at --

I post the link to the page about Fiber.  There has been a lot of talk in the media about gluten free diet as a fad; celebrities and other following it to lose weight.  I have noticed many doctors speaking about it, and stating that only Celiac's need to follow a gluten free diet, that for anyone else it would be a loss of fiber.  UGH!

Naturally this had led our family members to come to us about it, with a waging finger, so we have not been able to have an educational conversation.  Trying my best to remain calm and not sound like "a know it all", I explained out plight.  Each time to no avail.  Then my father called me three nights ago about a special on the late night news; Elizabeth Hasselback was being interviewed along with a doctor.  He was the first one that listened about the other alternatives for fiber.  I told him that some of the flours we have been using, coconut flour and garfava bean flour (is that right?) have a lot of fiber.  We talked about the processing of flour and the fact that they take everything out and that is why they enrich it.  We talked about milk...

I enjoy discussions with my father.  He was raised in a simpler time, spending most of his early years in the middle of Nebraska, eating what was grown, caught, or traded from others.  He talks of the pies his grandmother made and how others loved her items at the Sale Barn in Ericson Nebraska.  We have talked about how we, as a society, are eating too many processed foods and why to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.    I think that if he could he would eat fruit, veggies, fish, and an occasional steak or dear stew. My problem is getting the rest of our family to understand how bad all those foods are that we buy and quickly prepare.

Convenience has become our number one priority.  I to must admit to being pressed for time, not thinking ahead of time, grabbing the quick sandwich.  We do try to keep these times down though, to only a few times a week (1-2).  When we prepare a meal at home we use fresh or frozen and minimally processed ingredients,  getting back to a time before meal in a box were available.  Ya, sometimes that means that we take on hour or more to prepare dinner but I wouldn't have it any other way.

We are still figuring this thing out and I'm sure we will be for another year.  We are making a little progress, and the children are starting to make changes.  They still eat candy, and we still eat out, but in the store we only go down some isles and they know there are some things we just don't need to eat. That doesn't stop them from asking... maybe soon...

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