Sunday, October 4, 2009

The First Few Days

I backed homemade bread the night before. It was Gluten Free Pantry’s White sandwich bread (or something similar to that). I noticed in the store that it said contained some milk, but I thought that would be from adding the butter. When I called the company they said it already had a small amount in it from production. Too bad, because this bread was delicious! I made some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, packed some Glutino vanilla wafer cookies (containing milk), an apple, and a bottle of water.

Our oldest was up before almost everyone and out the door to high school before we could say anything. Which is really not uncommon, she is up and out so early. As a general rule our house is a group of six late sleepers.

The three grade schoolers’ were excited to try the Ian’s French Toast sticks. So I put them in the oven and soon we smelled a delightful aroma of cinnamon. They didn’t look as things we had eaten in the past, so I was a bit worried about the reaction I would receive. The loved them! No joke, they really really liked them. I made little portions of maple syrup for them to dip in and they went fast. With three children eating four each we used almost the whole box.

I sent them off with strict instructions not to eat snacks at school, the school lunch, or snacks aster school. They all agreed and then were out the door. I continued to get ready for my new part time job. What a way to start something like this; I must be crazy!

Later that night everyone came home and Dad I went to the store for some things. I took him to the Gluten free section of the health market. The second thing out of his mouth was “Gods that’s expensive!” I showed him some of the things I had purchased for the kids and some other items I thought would be good to have. He was not too impressed. We bought lots of fresh fruit, some fresh ground peanut butter, and some hamburger.

We ended up being out for a few hours. Tired and not feeling up to cooking I talked him into getting Chinese food. Not something on the diet! Soy sauce, breading on chicken, red sweet and sour sauce, crab Rangoon… but it was amazingly wonderful! Must be because I knew we could not have it again. I thought “one last time, one last slip-up, what could it hurt, they don’t put MSG in their food”.

The second day wasn’t much better. Cereal on the go out the door, homemade lunches again, and then a dinner of leftovers that was from before we started the diet. I didn’t want to waste the food.

The Third day was Saturday. The 16 year old had Homcoming and dinner out with friends.  She wasn't really to happy when i told to watch what she was eating; how possible was that going to be?  Dad had the kids until after lunch while I worked. He told me later how frustrated he was. They took our eight year old girl to dance class. While she was there he wanted to follow our old routine and get some pizza upstairs from the studio at Lanskeys. He said “I felt like I couldn’t do anything because of the diet!” I understand what he was feeling. In fact I can feel the same way at times. We have so much to learn and so much to try out still; after all we are just beginning. I did take the kids to Whole Foods and we had some sorbet. They were terribly unruly in the store, and it made me remember why I wanted to try this diet. If it improves the uncontrolled behaviors, the fits, the repeating words (for the youngest), or the obnoxious things that get under my skin I will be a much happier mum! We have tried so many behavioral things, and currently we are working hard at catching them being good, and positive comments. It seems that sometimes no matter what you do – there is no control! Especially with our youngest who may have Aspergers; I am always reminding myself that his brain processes the information differently. Again I am off to rant-ville…

Today, Sunday, seemed to go a little better. Breakfast was easy, cereal for each as they got up. The kids all snacked for lunch while Mom and Dad were shopping for things at three different stores. We bought some containers to store the new flours, and flour blends in the fridge. Dad was frustrated with me about their purchase “is it really necessary?” Then again at the grocery store Dad was frustrated. The diet takes the cost of food up, and we can’t buy so many things that we have wanted in the past. It is a new way to look at things. I was very proud of him when he had a conversation with our seven year old son regarding our new eating habits. Our son said something to the effect of, when the diet is over we can have something. Dad replied with, “this is a change of life, in the way we are eating for a long time it will make us healthier and happier”. I was so amazed! At times I feel like I don’t have the support and this is really upsetting him, and then he does something like this.

We still have so many things in the house that either have gluten, trace amounts of soy, or dairy in them. I have spices that I haven’t had time to call about. In general I feel so unprepared. I know that I took over a month to get ready, reading, buying, taste testing, and organizing. I also think that we have not been as diligent as we should be. I feel that for the most part we can strive to get rid of these things, but I don’t want to waste all the things that we still have. I’m sure that this will make it longer till we see the benefits from the changes in what we eat. Eventually we will be totally GFCFSF and artificial everything free.

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