Monday, September 14, 2009

Why do we need to restrict what we eat?

I have been thinking about going Gluten free for over a year. While researching options for our youngest son I came across the idea. We have two children with diagnosed ADHD, our 16yr old girl and 7yr old boy. We are not sure what a final diagnosis will be in our youngest son who just turned five. A few weeks ago he was evaluated, in a short visit, and we were told he has OCD, ADHD, is socially immature, possible langue delay, and... Sounded like they confirmed my suspicion of Asperger's Syndrome, but didn't want to give him this formal diagnosis. It was recommended that he receive intensive therapy, 3 hours of therapy everyday for 52 sessions. There is a long wait list so we are waiting and looking into other options.

I have read from multiple sources that a Gluten Free Casein Free diet may be a great option for autistic and ADHD children. It may eliminate some of the behaviors that three of our kids have; it may increase concentration and impulse control. Any improvement would really help! The specific things we are working on with our youngest boy are numerous and frustrating. Most of which is his inability to realize when he is in trouble and we become extremely frustrated with him. He just doesn't get it, most of the time.

My husband and I have talked about it numerous times, but now he is willing to do this with me. You never know what is affecting all six of us, so we are going to do this as a family and see what happens. About a year and a half ago we eliminated high fructose corn syrup from almost everything we ate. We have worked a small amount on eliminating artificial food coloring and flavorings. But this is going to be a complete and total change, changing everything that we ingest. We will begin with no gluten (meaning none of the normal grains, bagels, breads, cereal, crackers…), no dairy, no soy, and absolutely no artificial food colorings or flavorings. After one to three months we will reevaluate.

I am getting excited. At first I thought we are not going to be able to eat anything. But… I am researching options for us to use as substitutes for the things we love to eat. I have been slowly telling all our friends and relatives about the journey we are embarking on.

Please follow as I post our trials and errors, and maybe a frustration or two.

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